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We are the Climate Educator’s Network (CEN), a diverse and passionate collective bound together by a common purpose – to create holistic, inclusive and climate resilient societies through education.

From seasoned climate educators with years of experience to those just beginning their journey, our community provides a common platform to anybody looking for support to build local and national climate initiatives and programs.

Our Vision

To provide a community of support for educators and youth focusing on building holistic, inclusive and climate responsible societies.

To build a thriving hub of interdisciplinary collaboration, knowledge sharing, and collective action, dedicated to building a sustainable and resilient future..

To forge a space to build a supportive and regenerative community with a focus on experiential education and pedagogies.

To unite educators from diverse backgrounds and foster climate skills and capacities.

Our Mission

At CEN, our core mission is to serve as a dynamic catalyst for change in the realm of climate education. Through a multitude of initiatives and resources, we empower our members to excel in their roles as climate educators, equipping them with the latest research, effective pedagogical tools, and innovative strategies.

Our network hosts a wide array of events, including talks, panel discussions, and workshops, designed to foster insightful dialogue and stay on the cutting edge of climate education

By uniting diverse talents and experiences, we amplify our collective impact, advancing the cause of sustainability, resilience, and environmental stewardship in our society.


CEN emerged as a solution to the need for relevant climate related resources and educator support especially for the Indian learning landscape . The journey began with a simple yet crucial idea of bringing together educators who are passionate about sharing, learning, and teaching climate education, and connecting with like-minded individuals who share their interests and dedication. Over the years, CEN has hosted numerous workshops, particularly under the banner of 'Global Climate Change Week,' starting in 2020.