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Founding Members

Sunayana Ganguly

Sunayana is a political scientist with a MSc from London School of Economics and a PhD from Freie University. She specialises in environmental governance and sustainable consumption. She is a faculty member at Azim Premji University and has previously worked in Germany and Switzerland. Her research and teaching include interdisciplinary work on forests, environment governance, advocacy, and qualitative research methods.

Jayanti Ray-Mukherjee

Jayanti is a plant ecologist with a PhD from Utah State University, USA. She is a faculty member at Azim Premji University and an educator who is keenly interested in biology and climate change education. Over the past eight years, she has been actively involved in curriculum and resource development. As an active researcher, she is interested to understand how plants cope with stress, particularly under climate change. She is also interested in questions related to conservation and restoration and to know how the gap between science and practice can be bridged.

Jai Warrier

Jai Warrier is a climate leader who is simplifying climate action and sustainability for individuals, communities and organisations. He is certain that we will achieve climate drawdown, sooner than later, and is supporting others to see the opportunities in transitioning to a low-carbon society and find their role in this transition. Jai uses his curiosity for uncovering the interconnectedness between problems, causes and solutions, and enjoys presenting these interconnections using mind maps and other visual tools. Jai has studied Sociology and is the co-founder of the Initiative for Climate Action and Zero2Positive Consulting.

Anchoring members

Anchoring members are typically individuals or entities who have demonstrated a long-term commitment to the organisation. They are considered the backbone or core of the group.

Rahul Chopra

Dr. Rahul Chopra is the Director of the Centre for Sustainability, Environment, and Climate Change and an Associate Professor of Environmental Studies at FLAME University, India. He is also the project director of a Global Climate Change Education Project of the International Union of Biological Sciences that aims to integrate climate change education into the curriculum worldwide. With a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, USA, he has multidisciplinary interests ranging from curriculum development to data-driven and field-based research in geological and environmental studies.

Abhayraj Naik

Abhayraj Naik is an educator, community builder, and system practitioner. His work focuses on art, ecology, education, justice, technology, and transformation. He is a co-founder of a non-profit organisation, the Initiative for Climate Action. He is a visiting faculty member at the Azim Premji University and the National Law School of India University, a justice and transformation consultant, and an advisor to a number of progressive social and environmental causes in India and other parts of the world.

Shreelata Krishnan

With over two decades of experience spanning hospitality, telecom, and entrepreneurship, I've cultivated a unique skill set in driving social impact and sustainable development. As the co-founder of Desi Origins, I facilitated last-mile connectivity for rural and semi-urban communities. My work with esteemed national and international organizations like Viridian Accelerator, Cherie Blair Foundation, and Miller Centre for Social Entrepreneurship reflects my commitment to sustainability, climate change engagement, and capacity building. Recently, before joining the School of Policy and Governance, I served as a Community, Climate, and Biodiversity (CCB) Expert at Boomitra, winner of the Earthshot Prize 2023, "Fix Our Climate." Additionally, my consultancy in Aberdeen, Scotland, involved circular economic projects, sustainability roadmaps, and community engagement strategies for climate action. I am a CPD certified Green Champion & a CSR Professional.

Sanjana Singh

Sanjana Singh is a climate expert with a Master’s from United Nations University, Tokyo in Sustainability Science. She is leading the FutureEd Lab at the Centre of Sustainability, Environment, and Climate Change at FLAME University and has been part of Project TROP ICSU since 2021. Sanjana has worked closely with educators, training them in climate change education and making them content creators. She has also created and curated many climate resources across all disciplines and has written several Lesson Plans. She has also co-authored several research papers and book chapters